King No-One (Interview)

Indie rock three piece King No-One take to Manchester’s Deaf Institute this week, in an warm up for festival season, with help from fellow indie superstars Swim Deep. An intimate show by both bands standards and surely an unforgettable night for anyone in the crowd. Following on from their god-like performance at Close Up Festival in London we spoke briefly to the rising Yorkshire rock giants about everything KNO.

How did you start working together, and where did the name King No-One initially come from?

We were all simultaneously on a jog one afternoon and ran head first into each other. It felt that fate had brought us together so we started a band. 

If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

We’ve all tried to decide mutually and it ended with a lot of fall outs so we’ll just pick something we all agree we’d really hate to have on for a lifetime:

Any song by Nickelback. 

If you could support one band/artist (past or present) who would it be? 

MJ is up there. Just …because. imagine the party afterwards. Reckon Joe could beat him in a dance off too. 

Are you excited for your Manchester Deaf Institute, Dot to Dot festival warm-up show next week (25/5) & the festivals themselves?

We’re buzzing for the upcoming shows. The weather is getting warmer and we can’t wait to get out and play some bangers and mash for everyone. 

What have you got planned for the next 12 months? Tell us!

We’re preparing for our next chapter. There’s lots we can’t talk about right now but when they happen you will definitely know about it! 

What tips would you give for aspiring artists who want to go into the music industry? 

Ride the wave. It’s unpredictable and unforgiving but if you believe in what you do and what you’re about then other people will be attracted to that. 

Catch two of the countries most exciting indie bands tomorrow (25/05/22) at Manchesters Deaf Instititue as Swim Deep and King No-One prepare for festival season. Grab tickets here.

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