Orchards Interview (CloseUp Festival Q&As)

Our friends at CloseUp are putting on a Festival at the notorious Colours Hoxton venue in Shoreditch and are spoiling us all with a boss line up of artists to kick off your summer. We got the chance to interview some of these amazing musicians and will be delivering a weekly segment in the countdown to the big weekender.

First up we have Brighton four-piece, Orchards! They’ve already been on spotted on NME’s radar back in 2019 and it’s no wonder. After a debut album of dreamy indie-pop delights and a UK tour, they deserve their place in your summer playlist. We are honoured to begin our countdown with the first CloseUp headliner.

How did you all get together and where did the name come from?

Sam and Dan have known each other since they were lil boys, they actually met at pre-school. They moved down to Brighton for uni and met Lucy there. Ah the name story hah! It stems from an Eastbound and Down blooper video on YouTube, you can decide why yourself.

Where does a lot of your inspiration for songwriting come from? Do you have a specific writing process or have a theme?

Like lots of artists, inspiration can literally come from anywhere. But we draw a lot on life experiences. At the moment we are writing a little differently than our normal process which was all of us playing live in a room, just hashing things out. Now we are trying to come at it from a different angle, writing at home, making demos on our laptop, it’s good to mix up your processes sometimes. Trying to be a little more considered and put less pressure on ourselves.

If you could listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Get To Heaven by Everything Everything. A classic filled to bursting with certified bangers. Literal wall to wall.

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would that be?

We’re 2/3rds scouse, so Paul McCartney of course. Imagine a little Orchards/Paul mash up. I think it would break a wall into another dimension.

If you could support one band/artist (past or present) who would it be?

To go on tour with No Doubt back in the 90’s would be a pretty incredible experience I think. We take a lot of inspiration from those guys and that era. But now, Everything Everything goes without saying and I think we’d have full breakdowns if Paramore even knew our names.

Are you excited for CloseUp Festival 2022?

It’s going to be great! CloseUp always knows how to put on a good show, it’s always a party working with those guys. Also we have never played Colours before, it’s a venue we’ve wanted to tick off for a while.

What have you got planned for the next 12 months?

Currently, we are spending lots of time huddled around a laptop with copious mugs of tea writing our tushies off. We seem to be super inspired currently so are riding the wave of these new songs, which is much excite. But we’ve got plenty of festivals coming up and shows planned for the end of the year.

What tips would you give for aspiring artists who want to go into the music industry?

Write music you love, with people you love. Creating music should be joyous.

Close Up takes place May 20-22,showcasing the nation’s finest emerging indie/electronic talent @ North LDN’s well known venue Colours. We transform the venue in, creating a 3 day, 2 stage spectacular in the capital. Grab tickets here: https://dice.fm/bundles/closeup-festival-av6v

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