Bandit – Interview

Dubbed on the Shoplifters Union Ones To Watch for 2022, Liverpool legends, Bandit are truly proving their worth with their latest hit, Sefton In The Summertime. 

Although their previous singles are full of fun and energy, this new addition shows another side to Bandit. A more ballad-esque side with hints of angst yet still providing that original swirling Bandit flare we all love and know so well. 

I got the chance to interview these rising stars about their experiences and a bit about their new release:

How did you all get together and where did the name come from?

Goooood afternoon! We all met through the means of uni, staring over the rim of our pint glasses at each-other saying we’re pals, should we start a band together. We’ve played with each-other on and off for a while in various different things and all knew each-other before Bandit. I can’t quite remember where the name came from, there’s been memories of us being in Liverpool tequila bar El Bandito, being called Bandits at uni for being a bit mischievous and it being taken out of a tune.

All the songs you’ve released so far are undoubtedly addictive, where does the inspiration come from? Do you have a particular writing process or theme?

Well that’s most kind of you Dani cheers! The inspiration always comes from a particular memory or ‘felt sense’ of a person or situation. I try write as accurately to experiences that I can to be honest! The writing process is always different, sometime a line will set you off and the lyrics will come first or sometimes there’s just a horrendously evil yet addictive guitar riff!

If you could all listen to one album only for the rest of your life what would that be?

That’s a hard question, I think for a while now its been Social Cues by Cage The Elephant so its gonna have to be that for me

Who is the Joker of the group?

You know what, we all rinse each other something rotten, its honestly a surprise any of us are left in the band.

Sefton In The Summertime is your latest release. For your fans who aren’t familiar with Liverpool, what’s so significant about it that made you choose to write a song about it?

In summer when its a nice day we always tend to have a day or 2 where we’ll end up spending it on Sefton Park in the sun, just having a laugh, playing some tunes and having a few dark fruits, yano how it is! But the song came from that feeling of just lying somewhere, could be anywhere, your back garden even, just thinking about the future and he youthful hopefulness that it encapsulates. 

What has been your favourite gig/festival so far?

Favourite gig as a spectator could potentially be Shame at Sound City 2019, where everything was going wrong for them on stage like mics not working, amps falling over but it really draws the audience in. Favourite gig I’ve played is probably Lending Room at Leeds in Dec 2021, to have a room full of people singing one of your songs back to you will forever be one of the best feelings

What would be your dream stage to perform on?

For some reason, its always been Leeds NME tent, fond memories as a music loving ‘youf’ seeing some of the bands that have inspired me most to this day so be play in there would just be a class feeling.

If you could choose one person from the band to be stranded on a desert island with, who would that be?

I mean its got to be Evs I think, simply for the fact that he has 10x the survival skills of JC, who would keep forgetting that sea water is undrinkable as he tries it again for the 50th time. However Evs is a bad snorer, so depending if any ear plugs wash up on stage I might have to try swim for the nearest continent.

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would that be?

I think that I’d like to collab with someone that was going to be stil in the same vein but make the record sound completely different, either someone more wordy or someone more melodic than me. Actually no sack all that its 100% John Cooper Clarke, I’d just love to be in a studio with him for a few days, bet he’s class.

Finally, is there an album on the cards?

There’s always an album on the cards Dani, it’s always been on everyone’s minds since we started Bandit. However EP first ey then an album will be soon but not so soon that its labelled soon! We’ve been really cut-throat over the last year and have enough songs to record 3 albums but I think its being really harsh and saying nah that tune needs to go back to the drawing board unless it fits with todays theme and standard of song. Just put it this way though, we’re really excited for you to hear what we have coming up!

Bandit’s EP “Here’s To Being Alive” will be released on the 16th March 2022 with multiple gigs on the cards so get them in your calendars! Check out Sefton in the Summertime bellow:

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