The Utopiates – Devolution

London based five piece, The Utopiates return with their latest number “Devolution.” – A funky hip shaking inducing track that will have you on the dancefloor in seconds. 

One of the main aims of this band is to make sure their fans have a dance and a good time and that’s exactly what they’ve been able to accomplish with their newest addition, “Devolution.” Arguably different to their previous releases that are more synth heavy, this new song steps a little further from their usual New Wave/Shoegaze sounds. The groovy basslines and drum beats seduce you into tapping those feet from the first notes and the distinctive jangly guitars add layers of neo-psychedelia, which brings it all together. 

Despite their namesake meaning a place of paradise, this song depicts a dystopian world, inspired by the current societal climate we find ourselves living in. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Dan talks about the song’s lyrical content in more depth. “The song is about the human race gradually getting more and more stupid as we wander obliviously into extinction, taking the planet with it. Something I’ve pondered for a while now. I just feel like as life’s made so much easier, we’re getting dumb. I’m not seeing the real progress in society. Only profits and tech…We’re not evolving, we’re devolving.”

From being a DIY band born out of Lockdown to supporting The Pigeon Detectives, The Utopiates have recently gone and grabbed the attention of the one and only Robert Carlyle! Now that’s impressive! What’s next on the cards?

Devolution will be released 11th February 2022 and you won’t want to miss it!

Words by Dani Tomlinson.

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