The Assist – Television Kid

The Assist return with riff happy indie bob ‘Television Kid’. With an explosive sing along chorus it’s the perfect taster of the bands upcoming debut album ‘Council Pop’, due out April 8th.

West-Midlands guitar band The Assist return with the second single from their upcoming debut album, the aptly named ‘Council Pop’. ‘Television Kid‘ tells the tale of ‘the mischievous nature of a fictional socialite character’ the song centres around, a jack the lad chancer who things always work out for, we all know one right? Those sleek, sliding guitar riffs and poppy vocal hooks draw you in, but after a listen or two this track is full of more substance and depth than first appears. Musically it’s spot on, a real ear-worm with hard hitting drums, driving guitars and witty lyrics to boot. The Assist claim their upcoming album “epitomises everything we stand for and we truly believe in this collection of music, we have some very exciting plans in place with serious hopes of making some noise.” Going off their solid track record of singles so far it’s one we can’t wait for but in the meantime check out ‘Television Kid’ below:

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