Pizza Crunch – Flatfoot

Glasgow based alt-indie band Pizza Crunch return with their new single Flatfoot. Though a little more jovial than their previous releases it still packs that melodic and gritty punch we’ve come to expect.

Glasgow boys Pizza Crunch triumphantly return with striking and melodic new single ‘Flatfoot‘. This latest outing hits with a little more of a vibrant touch as jangly guitars and major key melodies fill up the room like a Vaccines single but with the dark pop edge of a Pulp deep cut. This bands fingerprints have been all over the Scottish indie scene for a year or so now and Flatfoot is just more fuel to push Pizza Crunch front and centre, with silky riffs, bellowing vocals and gritty, observant lyrics, it’s got everything we’ve come to expect.

Pizza Crunch lyricist and frontman Ewan Hearns commented on the track: “Lockdown impacted
people in a variety of different ways. I was lucky, I’d just moved into a new flat and welcomed the
freedom and time to kill. I think the more jovial tone in the Flatfoot lyrics reflects this time of my life,
some of our recent releases have a little bit of a dark undertone to them whereas this one deals with more superficial issues.” Laced with poppy elements that are lurking within the bands post-punk sound, Flatfoot is another sure fire indie banger.

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