Sad Boys Club – Know (Pt. III)

Sad Boys Club return with the third and final outing before the release of their upcoming EP I’m Not Afraid of The Death (But I Am Afraid of The Dying), due out next month. Living up to their name, it’s a melancholic and vulnerable conversation about communication.

London indie/emo outfit Sad Boys Club fire into the new year, after a very successful 2021, with the latest track from their up coming EP. Know (Pt III) mixes eerie but first rate song writing with dripping guitars and dark, strained melodies. Laced in poetic beauty and driven by dramatic shifts it might be the bands darkest work yet. Haunting ASMR sounds and impassioned vocals and that big outro are the real highlights here for me and only serve to build my excitement for of the bands next outing.

Of the track lead singer Jacob says “I wrote this song in its first form when I was 15, uncomfortable presenting some of the things I’d been struggling with, presumably worried they’d compromise the identity I felt I was meticulously building for myself (a failed enterprise). Some years later, with a vehicle through which I’ve learned how – perhaps not better, but with more curiosity – to express and explore vulnerability, i wanted to revisit the theme through the lens of this EP; darker, more intimate and considerably more fucked up. I had fun.” The bands upcoming EP will be released on February 18th via Modern Sky and you can check out Know (Pt. III) below:

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