Sunflower Thieves – I Don’t Know Why

Leeds duo Sunflower Thieves return with stunning new single ‘I Don’t Know Why’. Soaked in heavenly harmonies and tender guitar parts that soothe away the winter blues.

Carrying their success of 2021 through to this year, Leeds dream-folk duo Sunflower Thieves return with their latest outing ‘I Don’t Know Why’. At it’s core the track is built around tender harmonies and lulling melodies, it’s gentle guitar leads a building arrangement that gives this track unexpected layers that blend to create beautiful new colours. There’s real Bon Iver and Benjamin Francis Leftwich vibes through out this arrangement and I always welcome a brass section on an sad indie track (See In Medias Res by LC! for reference).

Speaking on ‘I Don’t Know Why’, Sunflower Thieves said, “The track is about how
complicated close relationships can be. How the differences in the way we live our lives
and follow what we think can affect our understanding of each other, and equally of
ourselves.” With a soul nurturing sound the track also explores the feelings of lacking connection with someone you love. Check out ‘I Don’t Know Why’ below:

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