English Teacher – A55

One of the hottest tipped bands right now release their first track of 2022. ‘A55‘ is a melodically beautiful taste of English Teachers diverse sound and the first snippet of upcoming EP Polyawkward.

Open almost any ones to watch this year and you’ll see just what everyone expected: Yard Act and Wet Leg. But perhaps 2022’s surprise guest on the hype-train is Leeds based post-indie band English Teacher, their previous singles R&B and Good Grief blew me away and I was gutted not to catch them at Left of the Dial, so I’m buzzin’ to see them get this recognition now. Ahead of their upcoming EP, entitled Polyawkward, the band dropped new single ‘A55‘. It’s melancholic guitars and sincere vocals are laced with a post-punk feel that together results in a hypnotic soundscape that drives this band to the next level. Polyawkward is due out on April 22nd via Nice Swan Recordings and you can stream ‘A55‘ below:

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