Bandit – Would You Push Me In The Nettles?

“Would You Push Me In The Nettles?” Is Bandit’s firey new addition that will put a bang in your Christmas cracker this year! 

Bandit have become one of my favourites in 2021. Every release they’ve done so far has been an instant banger. So much so they reached the top of my Spotify Wrapped this year and “Would You Push Me In The Nettles?” has definitely stormed it’s way onto my playlist. The fierce chorus and crazy swirling guitars would certainly make every Kane/Turner fan’s ears prick up and immediately immerse themselves. The Teddy Bear’s picnic line in the bridge is a thing of genius and adds an edgy, theatrical element to it. You can tell they guys have had as much fun recording these singles as we do listening to them! 

On discussion with Bandit; “Would You Push Me In The Nettles?” is set around not giving a fuck about what other people think about you. You get people who hate you for just being who you are, so I wrote this tune as a middle finger to all those. We’ve had the most supportive fans, friends and family along our journey so far and we’ve also come across our fair share of people who have been wankers. If they wanna be miserable, by God they can be miserable but we’ll carry on doing what we love and makes us happy. I took inspiration from someone close to me and how unapologetic they are and adopted the mentality of being the best gun slinger in town. People just get bitter about you just living your life so I’m not sorry I ruined their picnic.” 

And just to end 2021 on a high note, the band have recently announced the release of their debut EP “Here’s To Being Alive” which will be available from 16th March 2022 and is available to pre-order now!  

Words by Dani Tomlinson

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