Stay Lunar – Anywhere / Everywhere

Bristol dream-pop band Stay Lunar return with a shimmering new track packed with floaty vibes and airy riffs that’s guaranteed lift those winter blues ahead of their upcoming debut EP.

Stay Lunar’s twinkling synth sounds and indie-pop hooks have been grabbing the attention of all the right people for a while now, with the likes of Robert Carlyle and BBCs Tom Robinson amongst their fans. Their new track ‘Anywhere / Everywhere’ is packed with soaring synth sounds and dreamy vocals that that radiate the bands signature floaty bedroom-pop energy. With big hooks and a building energy this band find themselves taking off and flying higher and higher with every release without a sign of coming down again. They get it just right on this track balancing a gentle approach with high energy chorus backed by stunning riffs and addictive vocal lines that glide you to tomorrow.

On the subject of the song Stay Lunar’s Harry Leigh explained: “As we headed towards winter 2020 it felt as though the bad news was multiplying and nothing was going in our favour. With the bad weather approaching and lockdown looming, the only way I knew how to escape was to try to make light of the situation through music. I imagined my home filling with all these bad luck omens like some sort of weird Disney movie, and joked ironically with the idea that maybe if I just start breaking mirrors, putting my umbrella up inside and walking under ladders then that will somehow trick the universe into malfunctioning and providing good luck and summer weather. It didn’t work, but in ways it did, because Anywhere / Everywhere was born.” Maybe a perfect track to keep our spirits high as it looks like the social situation might get a little tougher over the holiday period but also a little taste of what to look forward to with the bands debut EP on the way next year.

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