Pizza Crunch – Motivational Substances

Glasgow Post-Indie band Pizza Crunch return with another massive tune. ‘Motivational Substances‘ boasts swirling riffs and sharp lyrics in one massive bump of musical energy.

One of the many jewels in a thriving Scottish music scene right now, Pizza Crunch are rapidly becoming masters of the ‘Ear-Worm’. With a back catalogue of tracks that find their identity in big hooks and engaging social commentary, their latest outing is no different. ‘Motivational Substances‘ wastes no time at all, kicking off melodic guitar riff that hooks on and doesn’t let go before singer Ewan’s rich, post-punk style vocal critiques all our worst decisions. With a striking chorus and a beat perfect rhythm section, it’s another win for the Glasgow boys.

Commenting on the track, guitarist and vocalist Ewan Hearns said: “The lyrics kind of stemmed from looking at previous years of your life and realising how alien they seem. Looking at your past self can seem like looking at a different person all together, regardless of whether it’s in a positive or negative way. When Nathan sent me the music I quite liked the idea of having the verses follow a 3rd person perspective and then change to a 1st person during the rowdy chorus. I suppose I’m kind of romanticising the points in the past where the routine of over-consuming certain substances was just a bit of a laugh, whereas now that kind of hedonism has become a bit more serious. I always like when writers change to the first person during a song, it seems like their agreeing to be honest, for a brief period” Check out ‘Motivational Substances’ bellow:

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