Sad Boys Club – White Hart Lane 

London indie band Sad Boys Club release emotive new ode to Tottenham Hotspurs and the beautiful game. “White Hart Lane” is about singer Jacob Wheldon’s relationship with the North-London Club and a precursor to the bands new EP ‘I’m Not Afraid Of The Death (But I Am Afraid Of The Dying)‘ due out next year. An impassioned track that see the band joins the likes of Los Campesinos! as pioneers in Sad Boy Football Indie.

Any football fan will tell you some days are harder than others when it comes to watching the highs and lows of the team you love and maybe a little harder for Spurs fans like Sad Boys Club front man Jacob Wheldon. It’s like what seems to be the perfect relationship, all the parts are there, it should click perfectly but maybe you’re not letting down your defences (or they’re not tracking back) or those predate/pregame jitters just get you and in the end you can’t quite clinch it. An analogy perfectly manifested in SBC’s new track White Hart Lane, it’s gentle piano and Jacobs emotional vocals tenderly start until the band break with silky riffs and building beats that layer and build, ending momentum with a world class finish.

Opening with an Eric Cantona reference, as all great press quotes should, front man Jacob said of the track “When the seagulls follow the trailer it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Football’s a big part of my life, a source of passion, love, and a sense of community, but it also reduces us to primal versions of ourselves, versions that shouldn’t be seen, and sensitivities that should. There’s a visceral thing there that felt worth exploring. I’m taking the narrative over from the blokes and the boot boys. It’s a sport for the saps and the sad, for the lonely secular optimist who needs something to believe in.” Agreed, for too long the macho supporters have stole the headlines with fighting in the streets and offensive chants, I look forward to the day the back pages show us crying into our scarfs and singing White Hart Lane from the terraces. You can still catch Sad Boys Club live before the end of the year with shows at Engine Rooms, Southampton (20/11), O2 Academy 3, Manchester (24/11) and and at O2 Academy 2, Liverpool (25/11) with Corella and Wild Front, and in Dublin (21/1/22) at The Academy 2 with milk. Check out the single bellow:

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