Bandit – Goonies (I Only Tolerate You)

In a whirlwind of noise and energy Liverpools finest Bandit, deliver another stellar single with thunderous drums, blazing riffs and a chorus that’ll have any 80’s movie fan screaming along.

Liverpool band Bandit return with their explosive new single ‘Goonies (I Only Tolerate You)’, a tour de force in of indie guitar noise accompanied by blaring drums. It’s an instant indie rock anthem that’s taring riffs and furious vocal hooks bring an explosive side to the band that wasn’t there on pervious tracks like the summer anthem ‘Ice Cream’. It ‘s a tracks that’s bound to bring a big, bouncing energy live, and maybe the pefrect selling point for their upcoming shows in Leeds, London Liverpool and Birmingham (full details bellow).

The bands front man Nat Waters sheds some light on the songs background saying, “Goonies is an anthemic ‘you and me against the world’ type song about summer nights and a girl I met at a festival. I didn’t think that holiday romances were a thing and that they existed, apart from in those films like Grease, it’s usually just Greek tragedies for me.”At only two minuets 18 ‘Goonies..‘ is like a hurricane coming in and brining the chaos only to disappear, or maybe we’re just in the eye of the storm until their next, inevitably mighty release.

Words by Jake McGloin

Live Dates:

Nov 11th – Lending Room, Leeds

Nov 20th – Muthers, Birmingham

Dec 3rd – The Grace, London

Dec 11th – The Jacaranda, Liverpool

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