Sandi Glowe – Blackpool

Having found a spiritual and musical home in the U.K. Sandi Glowe gives a farewell for now in the form of Art-Pop ballad Blackpool. An avant-garde ode of their first encounter with England’s cold but warming North before Sandi returns of Rome. 

For the past few years Italian singer-song-writer Sandi Glowe has called the North of England her home, embracing elements of both it’s beautiful and ugly sides, elements of which can be heard and felt through her music. So it’s only fitting that her last song before she returns to Rome, swapping the Blackpool tower for the Colosseum, is a farewell (for now) love letter this country.

“July 2015. My first trip to Northern England. I’m visiting Manchester for the first time not
knowing that I will move there the year after.” Sandi recalls, “Once there, I take a 2-day trip to the sea-town Blackpool. All the images, the smells, the sounds and the emotions I felt during those days
pour out into music, and words.” Sandi’s ability to paint pictures with words and sound is in full force, a dull beach seascape, a cold breeze bringing the smell of the sea air, the towering bars of the pleasure beach are thrust upon you.

A delicate fusion of guitar and floating synth create an airy feel whilst the ever gentle vocals illuminate through a hazy almost shoegaze energy. Not only layered in sound, but also emotion, Blackpool is a bittersweet farewell.

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