Lauran Hibberd – Manchester Deaf Institute, 6th October 2021

Frilly tutus, electric guitars and girl power rock ‘n’ roll – Lauran Hibberd brought the whole package when she performed at Manchester’s Deaf Institute this month.

It took me less than 24 hours to get hooked onto Lauran Hibberd’s catalogue of addictive singles so I was already excited to watch her perform live and I certainly wasn’t the only one. Fans had been queuing up for hours beforehand, eagerly waiting in anticipation for the gig to begin and it wasn’t exactly warm and dry weather either – now that’s dedication! But let’s firstly give praise to London band, Car Park who got the crowd psyched with their sweet melodies and heavy riffs, bringing a lot of 90s nostalgia to the table.

As soon as Lauran followed her band onto the stage, we were in for a wild night. Straight into the poetic pop-punk anthem, Bleugh and all the way through other infectious choruses from delights such as Hoochie and Old Nudes, feet were constantly bouncing off the floor and who could blame them?

Lauran Hibberd is evidently a born performer as she laughed and joked with the crowd, getting them involved in a giant big hug with her at the centre. The hyperactive crowd showed their adoration in return by singing/shouting/screaming along to the lyrics throughout the set and even started a mosh pit for Call Shotgun. She treated us to her brand new single that is soon to be released and spoiled us even more when she performed a song written prior to the gig. Before you get really excited, it was a short, bouncy bit of fun in the shape of a track called The Mango Jango song – a tribute to her beloved dog which was hilariously entertaining and I loved it. But it wasn’t a complete set of headbanging and dancing as Lauran showed her softer side with beautiful ballads such as You Never Looked So Cool and finishing on Shark Week that brought an emotional warmth to the atmosphere.

Despite a tragic incident last month where Lauran and the band had their van broken into and all their equipment stolen, they haven’t at all let that hinder their performance and took the incident in their good humour by selling merch mugs with the inscription “Some f*ckers stole Lauran Hibberd’s gear and all I got was this shit mug.” It certainly beats “Keep calm and carry on” that’s for sure.

Lauran Hibberd has 100% gained a new fan out of me and I would definitely go watching her live again and I’d recommend you do the same!

By Dani Tomlinson

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