The A.V. Club – I Think I’m Fallin

The A.V. Club have done it again with their newest addition to addictive collection of singles with “I Think I’m Fallin’“.

Once again your attention is captured by the chorus that’ll have you repeating it after the first listen. The gentle synths and soft guitar tones are mesmerisingly uplifting and compliment the theme of the song, sticking to it’s 80s Stranger Things roots which is what I really love about this band. It has to be said that the stars are aligning for the Warrington four piece. With more shows appearing on their calendar, they are undoubtedly the ones to watch. They have certainly proven that they have cracked the formula to a hit especially after the successful release of previous singles such as Better Days and Movie Screens (which are massive crowd pleasers on stage) and it’s only further demonstrated in ‘I Think I’m Fallin’‘. I honestly cannot wait for more material from this band.

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