Michael Gallagher – Fallen

Hartlepool’s finest, Michael Gallagher returns with another three and a half minuets of sheer brilliance. Fallen see’s Micky G add yet another indie rock big gun to his already impressive arsenal of songs that’s gained him big fans and an even bigger future.

Quickly establishing himself as one of the North-East’s brightest gems, Michael Gallagher returns with another thunderous indie rock banger. With just Gallagher’s vocals and a palm muted guitar, ‘Fallen’ starts like a bashful boy at a party struggling to find his voice before a few drinks makes him the life and soul. The song is about the toils of love and it falling into place in the end, another change for Michael to show off his exceptional story telling skills, but the mood follows suit too. There’s a constant sense of hope in ‘Fallen’, and it grows and grows until melody and spirit cascade down all over this track.

About the track the singer said “’Fallen‘ is a song that I have been sitting on for a while now. The song tells the story about two people who have fallen in love and all the trials and tribulations they face along the way, but in the end love conquers all. I remember writing it in one go when I came home from a festival in Belgium, which is probably why it has that summer festival feel to it. It’s been cemented in my live set since it was written so anyone who has seen the live show already might recognize it.” There’s no doubt Michael Gallagher has become a real hooksmith, it’s been a challenge not to hum ‘Fallen‘ on the train to work, but the bigger the hook, the more fans you’ll catch and with songs like this Gallagher’s sure to have an army at his up coming shows at Think Tank- Newcastle, The Water Rats- London and Off The Square – Manchester.

Words by Jake McGloin

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