Pizza Crunch – Fried Intellectuals

Glasgow’s Pizza Crunch return with yet another high energy, melody driven indie banger. Jangly guitars and purposeful lyrics see Scottish indie pop’s new golden boys find a new personal best.

Seemingly unable to disappoint, Glasgow’s Pizza Crunch have become one of my favourite finds of the year. With a strokes-like sleekness and an unmatchable talent for shimmering melodies the band have such a gift for crafting indie rock that it’s almost impossible to believe their first release was only last year. Latest release ‘Fried Intellectuals” sets a new tone, whilst still relying on their jangly guitar riffs and thudding drums that have become a staple of their sound, singer Ewan Hearns vocals are delivered with more purpose and sincerity than before. More serious but certainly not less fun.

Whilst instrumentally the sound still shimmers and flows like a poppy indie anthem with only undertones of hedonism, the songs lyrics certainly take a darker tone. Speaking of writing the track Ewan said: “The song was written in-between lockdowns, as last summer was ending. By that time, Nathan and I had become quite good at writing songs virtually. He sent me the music that had this big riff at the start, and the lyrics came out quite naturally. I wanted to write about hanging around with seemingly more intelligent people than previously, only to quickly realise that these more intelligent beings are just roasters as everyone else is.” Fried Intellectuals is available to stream now:

Words by Jake McGloin

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