Palava – Just Look Into My Eyes

Manchester quartet Palava break the mould of the pandemic with their seductive new track “Just Look Into My Eyes” and what an explosive piece of music it is. 

This track screams leather jackets and rock ‘n’ roll from the opening guitar riffs and once those drums hit, you’re entranced for the rest of the song. Packed full of energy and vibrance, this track would easily get mosh pits fired up and a catchy hook to go with it. What is really great about this band is that they close the gap between heavier rock and indie with softer sounds, bridging the two which is also reflected in some of their other tracks as well. And what rock ‘n’ roll track is complete without a guitar solo to accompany before hitting you once again with that iconic riff. The band played their first gig post-pandemic at Manchester’s Lions Den recently with their next gig not far off behind at Gullivers in Manchester towards the end of August. It’ll be a shame to miss out!

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