Introducing – More In Luv

Introducing Merseyside rising stars, More In Luv and their collection of indie pop bangers guaranteed to put you in a summer mood all year long. 

Liverpool band, More In Luv are firing out bangers with every release at the moment. Their latest “Like You” has all the elements of an addictive indie pop record you could possibly ask for. From the harmonious and melodic vocals to the unique addition of a telephone sound right before the chorus – a small detail but a memorable stroke of genius before you get hit by the catchy hook. “Someone Else” has you from the get go with the twinkling synths, carrying the powerful lead guitar sounds. And if you couldn’t get enough of those two tracks, you have the Local Celebrities EP with an additional four tracks you can sink your teeth into, “Mind Up” in particular grasping the 80s/90s love ballad rock guitar sounds and emotive vocals. The band haven’t been on the music scene long but what they have managed to accomplish in the last 12 months is nothing short of impressive. After their first live show of 2021 in their hometown of Liverpool, the quartet are set to head a few miles down the M62 to perform at RivFest 2021 in Warrington beginning of August.

Words by Dani Tomlinson

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