Shambolics – Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams

Scottish band, Shambolics release the explosive Dreams, Schemes & Young Teams. One of the best feel-good anthems you’ll hear this year!

After hearing that “Freedom Day” is being postponed until July, this record is the pick me up we all need! It’s a song that’s full of life and will no doubt have you chanting the addictive hook after the very first listen. From the rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs, headbang-worthy drum beats and layered vocals, this song ticks all the boxes for an indie classic. Lyrically, it’s evident that the theme of this song is optimism and self-reflection. It makes you feel positive and look ahead and it’s something which the vast majority of people will understand and relate to. The band already have a multitude of gigs lined up, selling some out along the way. If Shambolics continue with songs like this, they really are “gonna take on the world.”

Words by Dani Tomlinson

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