Pizza Crunch – CELEXA

Glasgow based alternative band Pizza Crunch return with their best work yet! Celexa is a dreamy indie rock anthem dripping with 80’s post-punk vibes and a rock and roll energy. 

Few things in this life are inevitable, but here’s what I know, if I say I’m only going out for one pint then I’m not gonna be out till 4am, if Boris say’s lock downs nearly over then you can start a long book and if Pizza Crunch are releasing a track you can expect a banger. The band are yet another gleaming gem in a in Glasgow’s roaring independent music scene, they have this ability to take aspects of 80’s post punk, those gloomy themes and melodramatic vocals, and drape it in shinny indie guitar riffs to make big playlist essential music. Latest release ‘Celexa‘ is no exception.

It’s tinny riff is joined by thunderous drums and a driving bass before singer Ewan Hearns takes centre stage, his commanding voice spits out witty lines and capturing hooks in a style somewhere between Mark E. Smith and Justin Hayward-Young. ‘Celexa‘ is an ode to an anti-depressant that boasts gang chants and a huge chorus that show Pizza Crunch have well and truly found their feet, it’s indie rock at it’s absolute finest. “‘Celexa‘ was written during the first lockdown. Our bassist, Craig, came up with a rhythm riff, then I wrote the song around it.” Recalls Ewan, “I thought it’d be a cool idea to write about a prescription drug as if it was a love interest. It was a route to highlighting dependency.”

Recorded Chris McCrory of Catholic Action and mixed by Chris Marshall (Baby Strange, Gerry Cinnamon) to be mixed ‘Celexa‘, is out now on Disobedient Records and available to stream everywhere, check it out below.

Words by Jake McGloin

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