The A.V. Club – Better Days

Warrington’s The A.V. Club return with new single Better Days, a euphoric indie-pop track dripping with 00’s pop punk vibes and complete with one of the years best videos that sees the band go back to high school.

Warrington band The A.V. Club bring back memories with new single “Better Days”. An electronic indie banger that will have you searching for your late noughties teen clobber.

Remember when bands like Boys Like Girls or Metro Station dominated the music scene way back when. Don’t we also miss how giddy the catchy hooks would make us feel and bounce around an indie dance floor? Well put down your old alternative subculture Spotify playlist and check out The A.V. Band’s latest single, “Better Days”. They might bring back nostalgia but they’re very much fresh with full of promise. “Better Days” is an anthem waiting to happen with glistening synth tones married to energetic indie rock riffs and with a chorus as contagious as this, will guarantee a wild crowd.  

Words by Dani Tomlinson

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