The Shipbuilders live at The Angus Tap and Grind, Liverpool 7th June 2021

Liverpool quartet, The Shipbuilders are full steam ahead at their first live performance in 18 months!

The Shipbuilders live at The Angus Tap and Grind, Liverpool 7th June 2021. Photos Melissa Bowker, words by Dani Tomlinson

Photos by John Johnson
Twitter@john_johno Intragram – @john.johno

Since we’ve been given the go ahead to attend live music venues, fans and musicians everywhere have been crossing out the days on their calendars, impatiently waiting to scratch the “gig itch” that’s been lingering for the past year. In a seated and limited capacity venue in Liverpool, local legends The Shipbuilders get ready for their first gig of 2021. It’s no surprise that emotions would run high for everyone as we finally felt a sense of normality returning back to us and with the added bonus of the great weather, the atmosphere was positively gleaming. 

They began the first set (yes, they’re that awesome they had two sets) with “Stranger’s Lament” a perfect opener of a song, teasing us with the first twinkling notes from guitarist Danny Lee of what was to come. Once they kicked into the upbeat and bluesy “La Fѐe Verte”, it was evident that the rest of the audience were craving to stand up and show more appreciation as multiple feet were tapping along to the beats thanks to drummer Graeme Sullivan and bassist Jack McAllister. In fact, there were even passers by outside, glancing through the windows to get a peek! Not only were we, as the audience, lucky to get a ticket to this gig which sold out rapidly, but we were also treated with an exclusive performance of never-before-seen material such as the beautiful “La Dolce Vita” and “Flagpole”.

Photo by Melissa Bowker
Instagram – @mellybowks94 

The second set was packed with more of their classic hits from the dreamy “Silk Road”, the anthemic and more recent single “Hanging Me At Dawn” to the irresistibly catchy “Feeling In My Pocket” that had people mouthing along to the brilliant, melodic vocals of lead singer and guitarist, Matthew Loughlin-Day. 

It’s been a tough year for everyone but that hasn’t stopped The Shipbuilders. When they haven’t been creating new music, they’ve been getting stuck in with the community spirit which deserves recognition. From selling hand-written lyrics and artwork prints, they raised money for local food banks and their beloved Marine FC during the pandemic. There is no doubt that this bunch of benevolent, humble lads are all about the people which is clear from how they engage with their audience. We cannot wait to see them again when restrictions are finally lifted and especially after the release of their long-awaited debut album!

Words by Dani Tomlinson

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