Michael Gallagher – Time

Hartlepool songwriter Michael Gallagher returns with his fourth single “Time“, an upbeat, high energy masterclass in dance floor indie that’s steeped in good vibes and guaranteed to get you summer ready.

North-East singer-songwriter Michael Gallagher continues the fine form, that’s seen him release three stellar singles already this year, with his latest outing ‘Time‘. It’s another instant indie anthem for Micky as he once again displays his ability to blend catchy melody with vivd story telling. It starts with almost a doo-wop vocal line before that rhythmic guitar strums away and Gallaghers instantly recognisable vocals kick in. There’s a certain ‘Strokes’ element to the guitars that I can’t get enough of, a little metallic but sleek and free flowing. While ‘Time’ is always poppy and always up beat the drums are the key to the songs shifts in energy through out letting the vibe move up and down perfectly, even that 5 second break felt like a real cliff hanger. It’s probably Michaels most fun single so far with a vocal delivery that has a style and swagger that bring to mind his Mancunian name sakes.

”Time is a song that I wrote in one go and I think you can hear that energy in the recording. It’s a song that nods its’ hat to young love and relationships but my main intention is to get people dancing” Michael explained and I think he might achieve what he set out to do when this track starts getting played in front of live audiences and in dingy indie clubs under disco balls. This single is another instant singalong and a guaranteed indie dance floor filler, to the point I’m a little disappointed there’s no Jarvis Cocker style dance to go along with the video. Luckily enough Michael has just announced a live show at KU Stockton for Friday 25th June 2021 (grab a ticket here), hopefully there will be more to come. And if you can’t wait for that check out the video for Time bellow and dance along in your living room.

Words by Jake McGloin

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