Fauna – Didn’t Wanna

Manchester Alt-indie band Fauna return with an all out indie-pop banger. ‘Didn’t Wanna’ blends sleek riffs and upbeat vibes as it recalls nights that don’t live up to expectation through soaring melodies and catchy hooks.

Manchester band Fauna have made the most of their lockdown, not only putting out a host of great singles but it feels like they’ve really taken the time to harness their sound, going from strength to strength with each release. Latest single ‘Didn’t Wanna‘ is quite possibly the bands best work so far showcasing perfectly what Fauna are all about. That tinny, high treble indie guitar is joined by mesmerising ringing notes that grow into one of the most fun guitar riffs of the year. Blistering drums and a dynamic bass line form the body controlling bedrock of this track that’s guaranteed to make it a crowd favourite when the band get back to it. As ever, the signature vocals of singer Danny Williams take centre stage, rugged, passionate and melodic down to the last note.

While this track could easily become a night out/party anthem it’s subject matter is kinda the opposite as the band recount disappointing nights out and not needing those expensive pints to enjoy yourself. “Didn’t Wanna was written over lockdown when we all wanted to go for a pint to find a fragment of joy in the situations we naturally recall as good times, but in reality, they never lived up to expectation” explain the band “The single encapsulates being surrounded by people and wanting nothing more than to go home. We cheered ourselves up by recounting these nights. The song was just about having some fun; all we could do over the past year was rehearse and write new music, so the few nights a week we were able to do so, we made sure we enjoyed it. We even brewed our beer, Didn’t Wanna IPA, to coincide with the release and to be enjoyed whilst listening to the track!”.

Overall it’s a track full of bouncy melodies and fun vibes. I can’t get it out of my head right now and it’s guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser when the band are playing live again. You can get tickets for next Fauna’s Manchester headline show right here. Check out Didn’t Wanna below:

Words by Jake McGloin

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