Marc Todd – Album Review

Manchester based singer-song-writer Marc Todd finds a way to blend anthemic indie with americana folk on his first full outing. A collection of sincere and well crafted songs find a place together on this impressive debut.

I think being an up and coming solo artist can be one of the hardest jobs in the biz, with out much room for collaboration and no stage back up it can be pretty daunting sometimes, but at least there’s no drum kit to cart around. It also means it’s all on you which is why you have to put your best songs forward. that’s exactly what Marc Todd has done on his self titled debut album, a collection of some of his finest work since his first EP release. Showing three years of growth this LP moves easily through various styles of Indie and folk each bringing a different energy to proceedings, whilst still maintaining Marc’s identity through out, not an easy accomplishment these days.

The record shoots right out of the gates with with the sleek and thunderous ‘Feels like a Hurricane‘, the albums lead single is beat driven indie road trip essential, think Cannonball by The Breeders covered by Noel Gallagher. ‘Always, I Know‘ is a sparkling indie ballad whilst ‘I’m a Changed Man‘ gives off those 00’s Badly Drawn Boy vibes as it”s vocals and melody give a sincerity that’s hard to fake. Tracks like ‘Come Back Tonight‘ and ‘Somerby Hill‘ are well layered americana inspired indie that feature soul capturing melodies whilst tracks like ‘Foxes‘, ‘Pretty Boy Floyd‘ and ‘When The Day is Done‘ are beautifully crafted heartfelt words that capture your imagination and create vivid imagery. ‘Fly On‘ is a shining, fun acoustic pop track whilst ‘Shine on Through the Storm‘ feels like the aftermath of the opener ‘Feels Like a Hurricane‘ before soulful and anthemic closer ‘Dig Deep in Your Soul‘.

Overall it’s an exciting and impressive first outing for Marc Todd, a strong collection of tracks that moves freely between sleek and stylish indie folk to more traditional rustic sounds in parts and a must listen to for fans of the likes of Stephen Fretwell, Noel Gallagher or Doves. With a strong foundation set I’m excited to see Marc use it to find his feet and create bigger and better sounds. Check out the full album below:

Words by Jake McGloin

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