YNES – Used To Be

With a signature sound that sees a fusion of Brit-pop and Punk, English-Canadian singer YNES drops her latest single ‘Used To Be‘ . It’s packed full of personal nostalgia, catchy hooks and a bunch of emotional and funny lyrics that you’ll be playing on repeat.

One of the harshest truths to face is that growing up can mean growing apart, best mates get caught up with their lives, you move miles away, frankly, it’s shit. That’s why the latest single from YNES is so damn relatable, ‘Used To Be’ is a tale of shedding old skins but missing past times, remembering those adventures in uni and reconnecting. As side from a being a song packed with lyrics that are guaranteed to make you laugh and cry at the relatable memories, it’s pretty musically impressive. Finding it’s feet as it gradually builds with a sleek bass line and light drums over distant guitar riffs, coming together in a perfect building climax as the vocals intensify and find them selves in riot grrrl indie territory, think Kate Nash post Made of Bricks (it’s give me that sense of euphoria I found at the end of “Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt“). Finding it’s way to gang shouts, big riffs and an Uber home, ‘Used To Be’ isn’t just one of the most fun track to hit my inbox in a while but it’s really well put together and plays a solo on my heart stings.

YNES explained the track further saying “‘Used to Be’ is the result of ten drunken minutes in lockdown – after realising I was suddenly unable to indulge in self-destructive behaviour, whilst also being hyper-aware that I was shedding the skin of my early twenties at home alone. I feel a sense of melancholy, of “what if these are the best days of my life?”, that I’ve never been able to shake. “Used to Be” is a rant, a cry for help, and a message to distant friends begging for reassurance. A message to my coping mechanisms to please make me feel young and carefree again. My aim for the track was to try to encapsulate this sense of emptiness”. Used to be is out now via Grrrl Groannn, a DIY music collective whose aim is to create an artist-friendly community that promotes and supports women, non-binary, queer artists through our label, press, and live shows. Check it out below

Words by Jake McGloin

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