The Riot Vans – Scary Faces

The latest outing for Glasgow punk band The Riot Vans well and truly brings the noise. Packed out with big guitars and thrashing drums ‘Scary Faces’ comes complete with a throw you to the floor energy.

Glasgow punk four piece The Riot Vans drop their latest single via Disobedient Records, a chaos fulled two and a half minutes of punk rock. Starting with an intro that wouldn’t be out of place at the back end of a QOTSA track before that audacious guitar riff comes in, chased by the drums and then let the anarchy commence. Speaking about the track The Riot Vans call ‘Scary Face‘ ” effectively an amalgamation of things we thought sounded cool.” and it’s not hard to believe, theirs a whole bunch going on and all of it good. With headphones on and volume up to 11, Scary Faces is a glorious immersive experience in organised chaos.

Starting in 2017 The Riot Vans have been serving up their supreme brand of indie-punk ever since with this being their fifth single and their first since joining the already impressive ranks at Disobedient. You can check out ‘Scary Faces’ below:

Words by Jake McGloin

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