Kashmere – Someone

Stockport band Kashmere are back with a bang on their first release of the year. Someone is a synthy indie-pop master class in writing a feel good anthem.

Stockport four piece, Kashmere take off with their latest star-studded synth masterpiece, “Someone”
They have recently been dubbed as XS Manchester’s Record of The Week and it’s evident why. “Someone” is an exhilarating, bouncy track, bubble-wrapped with the gentle elegance of electronica that is certain to get bodies swaying and feet off the ground. The twinkling synth presence takes precedence throughout and with the accompaniment of dreamy vocals, it creates a beautiful indie pop record with an other-worldly feel to it. “Someone” is the band’s first single of 2021 and what a way to start the year with a song that will have you miming the chorus in no time. 

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