Swim School – Outside

Edinburgh’s Swim School’s new single Outside see’s them fuse grungy guitars with dream pop vibes resulting in a bitter sweet alternative summer anthem.

Scottish indie rock band Swim School have no need to prove their credentials when it comes to writing a good indie pop track, even though the band have been releasing music for less than 2 years, previous singles like ‘let me inside your head‘ and ‘too young to know‘ are fine examples of dreamy, indie-pop bangers. But they say the best competition is yourself, which is why this band seem to get better with every release, seeing them hit a personal best on ‘outside‘. Whirling guitars and splashing drums create a solid soundscape to paint on with big poppy vocal hooks and sleek guitar riffs reminiscent, of Yuck and maybe a little Teenage Fanclub, taking centre stage. Vocally it would be hard to avoid at least some comparisons to Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell but I think Swim School‘s Alice Johnson has a style of her own rooted in melody and sweet but cool delivery.

Alice explained the track, taking things a little deeper by saying, “Outside is based on the negative impact the toxic people have on your mental health and the moment you realise how toxic they are. It’s not until you step back from the situation, that you realise their use of manipulation such as gas lighting and dishonestly was actually destroying your mental health. It made you question everything you did and slowly ate away at your confidence leading to you being unhappy.” This addictively anthemic single is out now on all streaming platforms and hopefully just a taste of what we can expect from Swim School this year, I’m sitting here praying for a tour.

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