Rosellas – Common Ground

Rosellas are the Mancunian Brit-pop Revival band we need to hear right now with their latest single “Common Ground”

After playing alongside giants such as Liam Gallagher and Blossoms, Rosellas are on their way to follow in their footsteps. “Common Ground” is a song that captures the essence of 90s and early noughties Brit-pop, but don’t automatically assume that Rosellas are a tribute band to fellow Mancunians, Oasis when you hear the term “Britpop”. With a gentle touch of DMAs and possibly Doves influence echoed in the bridge and the chorus, they provide a rich, transcendent sound that will make you eager for more. The swirling guitars, synths and melodic vocals give the song a shoegaze/dream-pop air that is certain to evoke a hit of nostalgia. Like their other songs, “Common Ground” lies in the softer side of the indie-rock genre but is nonetheless compelling and emotive. With the additional B-Sides (“Baby, You’re A Star!” and “Don’t Let It Pass You By”) released alongside it, great things are sure to be on the horizon for this band.

Words by Dani Tomlinson

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