5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (10/05/21)

Sports Team – Happy (God’s Own Country)

In such a short amount of time, Sports Team have managed to cement their own unique sound into their songs, meaning they can seamlessly make on of their songs sound so new and fresh while still keeping themselves engrained within.

Happy (Gods Own Country) slaps you in the face as soon as it starts, with screaming guitars and a thumping bass line, i believe this one will be come a fan favourite in no time.

Island – My Brother

This band have been kicking around for a few years now, however when they release a new song, it has the same kind of energy and passion you would expect from a debut single. My Brother is an anthem that will really pull you in from the outset.

You can tell that each instrumental part to this song has been finely crafted to ensure that the song creates a huge impact on the listener.

These guys are going from strength to strength and I can’t wait for what they have in store next.

Wings of Desire – Better Late Than Never

If you want a new song that will take you on a sonic journey, and really make you listen in on what is happening within the tune then Wings of Desire’s new song Better Late Than Never is that song.

This song is really thumping, which is a compliment I swear. As soon as it starts you can imagine this song being played in a dark dingy venue with lights and lazers flashing past your eyes and the music simply surrounds you.

This is a really great song by a band that definitely deserve more recognition, I can imagine that their live shows will be something you won’t want to miss.

The Sonder – Music (Is All I Need)

As soon as I hit play on this song, my head started bobbing and my foot started tapping along with it. I am getting a lot of Northern Soul vibes from this tune, matched with such a great vocal performance this is a really catchy song.

It never really rises or falls, the song stays at the same pace throughout, but when the guitar solo section hits towards the end, it rounds of the song really well.

The Vanities – Wasted All My Days

I personally feel like there are a lot new age punk bands around nowadays, which is far from a bad thing. However, it’s rare I come across a band that can squeeze so much enthusiasm and joy into a song and it actually sounding complete.

The Vanities’ new tune ‘Wasted All My Days’ is that song. Its got a catchy lead line, a driving rhythm section and a really fun guitar solo dropped in throughout the song.

The Vanities definitely seem like that band that are playing a local line up, and no matter who you have come to see you leave thinking that they were your favourite act of the night. I’ll definitely try and catch them live when we can.

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