Bandit – Ice Cream

Liverpool rising stars Bandit drop the perfect indie summer anthem, with burst of sunshine and a sense of impending gloom hanging over the excitement, Ice Cream epitomises the highs and lows of a British summer.

It feels like we’ve hit summer already, scrambling to get to the beer gardens, finally getting to hangout with our mates again, all we’re missing is the sun. No need to worry as Liverpool indie band Bandit provide the next best thing with their instant summer anthem Ice Cream, a sun soaked guitar heavy summer ready banger. It’s Vaccines style riffs over those thunderous drums are a much needed blast of serotonin you’re missing, a huge, sweltering chorus and additive vocal hooks are calling me to festivals already but the sprinkles on top are the track’s witty and memorable lyrics. Ice Cream is packed with funny one liners, childhood throw backs and vivid imagery.

The bands songwriter and singer, Nat Waters, explained the track a little more “It’s a tune written about young love. Getting caught in the rain and instead of running for shelter, embracing it. Things aren’t perfect because everything’s not always Disney. Falling in love with a girl as we sat laughing on plastic garden chairs is way more rock n roll than that anyway. Youthful nostalgia and summer air in this tune are what makes it quite bittersweet. Make the most of what you got in this moment because you’re never gonna get those seconds back. This is what’s real. Plus we all have a soft spot for Blackpool.” Ice Cream is out now via Sam Records on all major streaming platforms, ready to be the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

Words by Jake McGloin

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