5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (03/05/21)

Here’s your first essential listening of May, I hope you’re all enjoying the beer gardens and seeing your mates! Hopefully you can see all your favourite bands live soon, speaking of you can check out all the live shows we have coming up in Manchester here. And if you want to check out what we’re listening too right now you can see it all here. This weeks list is one of my favourites for a while so if you hear something you like give it a share and maybe give us a little shout out. Enjoy!

Palma Louca – Us & Them

Newcastle shoegaze band Palma Louca return with a dreamy new single that boasts razor sharp riffs and one of my favourite bass lines of the year so far. It’s floaty verses paired with it’s fiery chorus of distorted guitar riffs are juxtaposed by the tracks continued laid back vocals that give it a dessert rock quality seeing the the band move more into the realms of QOTSA.

Glasgow – Golden Sophism

High energy indie rock with a little South American flair from Bayamon, Puerto Rico as newcomers Glasgow released their debut single. Though not from Scotland’s biggest city themselves the band share a kindred sound with some of Glasgow’s finest bands, there’s viable comparisons with their stylish indie sound that carries a sinister shadow. Sleek, riffing guitars and solid vocals over the rich tapestry of sound mark a strong start from Glasgow.

Keaper – Wasted Light

Melbourne post-emo band Keaper are about to drop their stunning debut EP, with latest single Wasted Light providing a little taste. With almost math-rock beats and tricky, delayed guitars the bands delicate, wistful sound reminds me of the likes of ‘American Football’ and ‘TWIABP..’ but with their own unique edge. Wasted Light is a beautifully crafted alternative ballad from an act that are rapidly becoming one of my new favourite bands.

Sad Boys Club – Can’t Help Myself

Sad Boy’s Club drop addictively poppy slice of melancholy. ‘Can’t Help Myself‘ is packed with stunning guitar play and plaid shirt 90’s vibes, very pavement in parts but with the bands own unique brand of sad boi indie. Discussing the bands latest outing frontman Jacob Wheldon said: “There have been periods that have felt so monotonous to us this year, we wanted to do something that fizzed and got us going about it, revelling in it, some manic melancholy.”

Young Fatigue – Am I Pretty Now

Am I Pretty Now?‘ is the second single from London-based Alternative Punk Band, Young Fatigue. Raging, grungy guitars and thrashing drums battle it out over a social commentary on unrealistic body standards. Speaking on the subject matter songwriter Ash remarked “Genuinely believing that no one will love you or will find you attractive is an intense thing to go through as a teenager, and while my journey of accepting myself is still ongoing, I feel releasing ‘Am I Pretty Now?‘ is a therapeutic step in the right direction.”

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