Manchester Post-punk band DEAFDEAFDEAF release their hypnotic new single ‘Odes’, a raw, lo-fi guitar track that delves deep into it’s own madness. ‘Odes’ is out now on Disobedient Records.

I remember being in a university lecture and being asked to explain post-punk. For all my hours locked away in my room listening to vinyls of Ocean Rain and Psychocandy, I couldn’t verbalise the purposeful, dreary sound of Unkown Pleasures the way I wanted to, until the guy next to me said, “If punk tells you to “fuck off!” post-punk tells you where to go“. For me that was it, he’d hit the nail on the head. The U.K’s current resurgence of Post-Punk has that same level of purpose and intellectualism as the last time around, but now it tells you to fuck off, where to go and what to do when you get there. We’re seeing bands like Fontains D.C., shame and IDELS bridging the gap a little more between post-punk and punk-rock, like a common descendant. Falling into that species of band is Manchester group DEAFDEAFDEAF, a band that seem to have spent lock down working on their writing, developing melody and finding that all important purpose that post-punk needs. Latest single ‘Odes’ is the fruits of their labour, it’s swirling guitars and slogging drums are held up by a droning base foundation whilst the tracks howling vocal melodies are carried overhead while the song works its way through the uphill drudge through a spiralling decent.

Commenting on the track, vocalist Nathan Hill said: “‘Odes‘ is an accumulation of all the ideas and sounds we’ve worked on previously brought into what we think is our best song yet.” Whilst previous singles  ‘Nothingness‘ and ‘Bodies‘ gained the band heaps of buzz from both national radio and online music press their latest outing see’s the band focus more on gloomy melody and pensive vocals than restless punk, but for sure adds just another gun to their sounds already impressive arsenal. ‘Odes’ is available to stream on all platforms now via Liverpool based Disobedient Records

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