The Big Peach – Rock and Roll

Manchester indie-psych band The Big Peach return with 60’s inspired jam ‘Rock and Roll‘, with a sleek organ sound and Zombies inspired mood through out. Vintage garage rock with seductive melodies, ‘Rock and Roll‘ is out now on Manchester label Sour Grapes Records.

Oozing with retro style and a 60’s energy The Big Peach and established them selves as staples of the Manchester alternative in recent years, with a parade of far out garage rock tracks, an impressive live reputation and PEACHFEST, the bands own mini festival featuring the creme de la creme of Manchester’s alt/garage rock scene. The bands latest single is aptly entitled ‘Rock and Roll‘, a melody driven slice of dreamy garage rock with a heavy organ line that instantly reminds me of iconic 60’s anthem ‘She’s Not There’. It’s vivid imagery and soft but sharp beats create an imaginary journey of a much needed night on the town surrounded by the sights and sounds of the 60’s, guided by the sweet vocal melodies of The Big Peach.

Though inspired and reminiscent of some iconic tracks ‘Rock and Roll’, whilst inspired, isn’t derivative. The band have their own sounds and that’s instantly recognisable which is why they’re so beloved in Manchester. Describing the track them selves the band said “It’s an ode to toe-tapping Rock n Roll and nights out on the town and being seduced into  the pubs and clubs by the musical sounds you hear seeping onto the streets.” Rock and Roll is up now on streaming services but being released on Manchester’s renowned Sour Grapes Records we’re getting a cassette release too with three other tracks. Check out the song bellow and order the tape here.

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