Weekend Debt – Nobody Everyone

Glasgow four piece Weekend Debt return with an explosive new single packed with big riffs and catchy hooks.  ‘Nobody Everyone’ well and truly brings the noise and is out now on Disobedient Records.

It’s another stellar signing from Liverpool’s Disobedient Records this time in the form of Scottish alt-rock outfit Weekend Debt. Their new single comes crashing through our speakers, after what sounds like a short drunken chant of the chorus that I’m sure I’ll be doing after I see them live. Instantly conveying moods of anxious, furious and disgruntled with life I’m incredibly pumped up listening to this track. It’s precise and impactful drums together with tearing guitars are like organised chaos personified. With it’s hard hitting riffs and thudding bass stomping it’s way through to the end paired with singer Grant Scott’s flawless vocal delivery that slips between aloof and ready for a fight, I’m starting to feel like a definitely don’t wanna knock over Weekend Debt’s pint in the beer garden. There’s definitely mathy elements that hint at tones of fight pop band and 2009’s great white hope Dananananaykroyd, but this track is less post hardcore and undeniably more indie rock & roll.

There’s an emotional context to the track as well that seems to come from the rollercoaster of self doubt and confidence that break ups bring, as guitarist Calvin Smith explains: “‘Nobody Everyone‘ is a song that came from bottled-up emotions about a breakup. The more I let these emotions get to me, the angrier and more upset I got, which probably resulted in such a hard and heavy tune, something we hadn’t really delved into properly. It’s definitely one of our favourite songs to play live.” ‘Nobody Everyone‘ is out now on Disobedient Records, check it out below:

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