Bunkerpop – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

We asked Hull based group Bunkerpop about the albums that influenced their sound, with elements of weird-pop and post-punk running through the veins of this project it was fascinating to see what gave them that sleek modern edge to their electronic rock sound.

My Life In the Bush of Ghosts – David Byrne & Brian Eno

This album just pulses and buzzes along with groove and edge from start to finish. The fact it has no verse, chorus, verse structure and no singing of the traditional kind it just makes it even more remarkable that you can dance to a lot of the tunes. Bunkerpop’s debut album is mostly instrumental, we drew a lot of influence from this album. It’s cool, funky and uses the imagination of Byrne & Eno to really lock you in and keep you wiggling your ass. “The Jezebel Spirit” is both danceable and scary at the same time. “Help Me Somebody” is tribal and wild with jittering fantastic guitar playing throughout…just love it!

The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground

The rhythm guitar playing on much of the funkier Velvets songs is simply perfect, I could listen to the repetitive strum of the chords to “What Goes On” from this album for eternity. The album is also quite experimental and odd. “Murder Mystery” is poetic and strange, “Jesus” is gorgeous and “Candy Says” is the prettiest of all openings to an album in the history of rock music. This album crosses all the genres but always sounds like The Velvet Underground…it’s very special.

There’s A Riot Going On – Sly & The Family Stone

This band is pretty much the perfect band as far as Bunkerpop are concerned. Fun, Funky, Rock, Psychedlic, Poetic and Sweeeeeet as cherry pie! This album features drum machines too which in the early 70’s was pretty out there!  “Family Affair” is both smooth and edgy at the same time…the sound of it shouldn’t work but the lo-fi funk of it always hits the spot. “Runnin away” is the cutest tune ever. Bunkerpop love bands that refuse to be pigeonholed and Sly and the Family shunted all the musical styles into their albums and always left their mark. The fact that they were had a mix of black and white, male and female just adds to the community feel of the album. It’s dark at times, the band had their troubles and they didn’t shirk expressing it on this album.

Pigeonhole – New Fast Automatic Daffodils

Once again we’re picking an album that is rhythmic, scratchy and very danceable. NewFADS came out of Manchester in the late 80’s and seemed to be a lot more genuine then a lot of the Madchester shit that latched onto that scene back then. There are experiments going on here with opener “Get Better” pushing the tempo to breaking point whilst later on the track “Big” grooves along for over 6 minutes. It’s percussive and the lyrics maintain the rhythm as much as any of the instruments…this is very attractive to Bunkerpop

Hinterland – Lonelady

Not only did Bunkerpop take their name from a track from this album, it’s one that we admire greatly. It has a sparse, Northern slant to it throughout. “Hinterland” has scratchy lolloping guitars and a bleak mood running from start to finish but it’s still pop music without a doubt.  Julie Campbell is very cool too. If you can listen to “Groove It Out” without dancing then you are a cold hearted muvva fukka who doesn’t deserve ears. 

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