UV-TV – Distant Lullaby

Ahead of their new album ‘Always Something’, due for release next month, New York indie-pop band UV-TV release new single ‘Distant Lullaby‘. With fuzzy guitars and sweet melodies ‘Distant Lullaby‘ finds it’s place somewhere between NYC DIY indie and West Coast surf rock.

Written and recorded during the intense isolation of early 2020, ‘Always Something’ is New York DIY band UV-TV‘s first album since relocating to the Big Apple from Florida. Forming in the sunshine state certainly might explain the bands current bright summery sound, latest single ‘Distant Lullaby‘ boasts sun-drenched guitars and surf rock drums but still has that DIY punk edge that the New York music scene produces so well. With element of bands like Best Coast and contemporaries Diet Cig this track also relishes in its hazy guitars, lo-fi vocal style and garage rock drums.

Speaking about the track, Rose Vastola of the band says: “Distant Lullaby is an honest proclamation of the inability to let things go unresolved. The melody popped into my head while demoing the tune late one night with Ian Bernacett on acoustic guitar. Partnered with distortion, fuzzy bass and floating cowbells we wanted Distant Lullaby to be an instantly catchy song.”

At just under two and a half minutes it’s jam packed, duelling guitar lines, 60’s harmonies that you’ll find your self humming on your way to work and all together wavy rock vibes. Distant Lullaby finds it’s feet firmly in a sound that incorporates it’s floaty surf-pop vibes and a DIY ethos that gives it that worn, calloused sound. A triumphant taster of what’s the come from UVTV.

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