PLAY DEAD – Skint (EP Review)

South London punk trio PLAY DEAD released their debut EP ‘Skint‘, an unapologetically full throttle five tracks of raw energy. Released on Blitzcat records, Skint draws reference from classic punk icons like The Clash with hints of more recent acts like Drenge and Slaves, it’s straight up punk-rock with a modern feel.

Looks can be deceiving, although London punk trio PLAY DEAD look like nice young boys singing songs about their local park and bassist Ollie’s nan’s boyfriend Shaun, their sound is anything but the McFly exterior their press shots portray. Packing a punch right from the off their debut EP ‘Skint’ is a ravenous, howling hoard of punk rock tracks, opening with ‘Hide‘ a high energy power house boasting old school punk vibes with vocal snarls and big guitar riffs. Fast paced, and relatable, title track ‘Skint‘ fires things up with it’s primal guitars and furious shout of ‘I’m skint as fuck‘, definite Slaves vibes. Probably the records finest moment comes it the form of Shaun, the aforementioned boyfriend of Ollie’s nan, who’s “Neckin’ pints, starting fights…. Punching men off their bike” if the song’s to be believed and with guitar drones mimicking sirens and a driving bass line it’s probably the best written song on the record.

“It’s close to where we live, and we all used to go there in the summer and get up
to all sorts of trouble. We like to think the song represents a summer’s day there – cheap beer,
fags, narcotics and all” recalls the band about the title subject of riff heavy track ‘Brockwell Park‘ before the anxiety inducing bass line rattles through powder inspired ‘The Drip‘, changing your heart beat along with the tempo like trying to avoid a K-hole. It’s a stunning debut from PLAY DEAD filled with big riffs, high intensity and a DIY punk ethos that can’t and wont be ignored.

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