Sounds Like a Storm – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

Yorkshire-born, Manchester-based Sounds Like A Storm have infused their indie sound with glam energy and a rock and roll edge. Their latest single Make it Better is an explosion of noise and creativity and with one of the most interesting sounds on the scene right now we asked drummer Joseph Schofield, to tell us about some of the albums that shaped him and their sound.

 The Killers – Hot Fuss 

For me this album reminds me of my childhood, listening to this album is probably my first memory of music. I think the tunes are spot on, lyrically Brandon Flowers nails it, and the melodies just add to the overall catchiness of the record. The Killers for me are a band I’d aspire to be like- a career with longevity and always pushing boundaries. 

U2 – The Joshua Tree
For me I would consider this album one of the greatest. In the past year this album became my therapy, it’s quite a complex album and not a lot of people like U2 but for me this is spot on. Tracks like “Running to Stand Still” and “With or Without You” are just biblical – they take me away, complete escapism. 

Jamie T – Kings & Queens 
What an album this is. For me, Jamie T is my generations take on Mike Skinner, he just does as he pleases and nails it every time. This record is practically an album full of singles, each song I know every word to, it’s certainly one we blast constantly on tour. 

The Streets – Everything Is Borrowed
I love The Streets and Mike Skinner, how original to himself he is I respect massively as an artist. I love all his albums, but I love how this record is nothing like his others – he speaks about religion, death, and practically life. I connect with these sort of albums, when an artist uses their platform to move and transform the listener. Great album lyrically all in all. 

Gang Of Youths – Go Father In Lightness
This is a fairly new band to me, and this record took me a while to get into – but my god when you understand this band and album it’s a masterpiece. These are by far my favourite band on the scene at the minute. Lyrically these are phenomenal, and being a songwriter I just find new phrases or meanings in their tracks every time I listen.

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