The Rotanas – Manic

With Brit-Pop vibes and sleek, purposeful melody the new single from The Rontanas blends a gritty rock feel with anthemic, stadium rock sounds. Out now on Disobedient Records ‘Manic’ is sleek indie rock for fans of BRMC and Oasis.

Welsh indie rock band The Rotanas dropped their second release of the year already this week, ‘Manic‘ occupies a guitar packed old school indie sound, with raucous drums and alluring melody through out. With psychedelic vibes but keeping true to it’s indie rock roots the track has a homely energy, like moving to a new town and finding a place that severs the perfect replica of your favourite meal from back home, ‘Manic’ is comfort food for any 90’s indie rock fan. It’s powerful vocals blast out that chorus hook over well thought out, mesmerising guitar riffs while the track explodes in all it’s glory towards the end, it’s pure indie rock packed with character.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the new track, songwriter James Wilson commented: “‘Manic is a song written about people who have issues that you can see that they can’t, and the confrontation based around that. It’s built on a personal experience where I could clearly see a close friend had mental and anger issues, and despite my best efforts to intervene, I watched on and saw those issues effect and seep into their personal relationships.” It’s a specific brand of indie I haven’t heard in a while, though classically cool in a Gallagher’s kind of way, ‘Manic‘ doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, it’s melody focused and high energy, purely there to bring the noise and good vibes to your playlist until to can experience The Rotanas blast it out at a show as soon as they can.

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