Sounds Like A Storm – Make It Better

Yorkshire rock band Sounds Like A Storm deliver another gritty schooling in indie rock and roll. Latest track Make it Better features a full throttle wall of noise and and additive chorus hook to boot.

Glam inspired indie rockers Sounds Like A Storm dropped their latest single this week, the Yorkshire bands unique brand of rock & roll packs huge riffs and overpowering vocals in it’s arsenal. ‘Make It Better‘ is no different, it’s jagged guitars carve the track straight into your mind as they play beneath a full frontal vocal call, gut busting drum beats join the party before erupting in a wall of noise. It’s driving riffs and addictive chorus hooks paired with ice cold delivery and ‘leather jacket cool‘ aura are typical of SLAS and their gritty, glam rock vibe.

At the time I wrote this song my dad was in hospital, I wrote this tune one night in the month of January, it came from nowhere. I suppose lyrically I am picturing things I love, this escapism from hospital wards and the trauma of what I was going through. The juxtapositions bounce in and out throughout the song, this feeling of isolation and loneliness felt unusual at the time, but now for everyone in the world through the pandemic has become almost second nature.” explains frontman Sennen Ludman. Make It Better is a huge track for a band that are about to go and do huge things their unique grit rock sound is setting them apart from the rest of the pack right now at a very exciting time for a rebellious northern music scene.

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