Slap Rash – 5 Albums That Shaped Me

Manchester punk duo Slap Rash boast machine like pounding drum beats, filthy bass riffs and a dark, threatening aura. Their unique sound has earned them fans all over and their latest single ‘Cimmerian’ (stream it here) has been gathering heaps of praise all over so it was a pleasure to find out some of the albums that influenced the band and their sound.

Alice in Chains – Tripod / Self Titled (Amelia)

Tripod is my bread and butter musically. Not only are AIC my favourite band but the mood and attitude conveyed through Tripod is something that takes my breath away every time I listen. I’ll never tire of this album; it absolutely changed my life. No one compares to Layne. 

GorillazDemon Days (Huw)

Listening to this album is one of my first memories of music, and it has without a doubt shaped what I make now. There’s a character and atmosphere that is so defined in Demon Days that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms (Amelia)

Not something that seems directly influential for us a band but Parallelograms is one of the most transportive albums I’ve ever heard. One of the best voices in folk and some of the most psychedelic pieces of music I’ve ever experienced. A must listen regardless of what your music taste is.

Thee Oh Sees – Orc (Huw)

The Oh Sees have a wild discography that has shaped me like no other, and Orc was one of my first steps into that world. Unrelenting energy and creativity that never ceases to inspire me. Listen to the opening track and you’ll never stop.

Sick ‘Em – 7 Year Bitch

Hardcore. Nasty. Sounds like it’s recorded on a potato. Iconic album and Selene Vigil-Wilk is hugely influential for Amelia’s vocal. 

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