Volka – Become Undone

Scottish alt-rock band Volka return with explosive new single ‘Become Undone’, a well layered track driven by destructive guitar riffs and fiery vocals resulting in a modern rock gem.

It’s been a long hard year for a lot of artists, the glory and excitement of playing live, which provides a livelihood and outlet for so many has been striped away. A band like Volka are surly at their best in a tightly packed, sweaty venue while their high energy drums thrash out and ferocious guitar riffs tear through the speakers, so you’d expect that this lock down might have hit them pretty hard. While Volka most likely miss playing dark, crowded venues to audiences hanging off their every note, all is not lost, latest track ‘Become Undone‘ is an alt-rock powerhouse. Volka have somehow managed to cram all that brutal live energy into a two and a half minute recorded track that slices it’s way though your speakers like your right back watching live music in all it’s glory.

It’s grungy, chugging riffs quickly fire up into a fast paced wall of noise with it’s eerie but blood thirsty vocals leading the attack. Speaking of the track the band said “Become Undone is a narrative about what goes on inside your head as you try to process complicated experiences. A study in how those thoughts and situations can make you feel. Things that stick with you. Get under your skin. Regrouping and releasing this track has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for the band, bringing light and purpose after a year to forget.” There’s definite vibes of QotSA and Ruben here but Volka have a unique stamp of identity that shines though this track with a primal energy.

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