Ead Wood – Environmental

Bristols Ead Wood return with new single ‘Environmental’, a fuzzy garage rock riff-fest with surf vibes and summer energy. Lead by a strong vocal display of lyrics that make light of singer Ed Soles worries about climate change, The song is taken from their upcoming EP titled ‘Songs in the Quay of Sea’.

“I read an article about the detrimental effect this unusually warm winter was having on hibernating animals such as
hedgehogs, who were coming out of hibernation early due to the warm temperatures” recalls Ed Soles, front man of Bristol indie pop band Ead Wood “I wrote the song straight on the back of this. The second verse refers to the story of Jonah and The Whale, envisioning what Jonah would find inside a whale now, mainly an array of plastic crap.” The colossus threat of climate change (please read in a David Attenborough) is one of the most important challenges for us to face in a very chaotic world, and while it can be a dark subject, theres no reason the conversation has to sound like an Eliot Smith B-side. “Environmental” pairs fuzzy riffs and breezy vocal hooks over surf rock drums that all crash over you like a big summer wave, a perfect beach side sound track that stills gets it’s message across with a with a stern look and a Hawaiian shirt on it’s back.

‘Environmental’ taken from their upcoming EP Songs in the Quay of Sea which was recorded in London with producer Ben Andrewes and Rob Fenner Of Margot. ‘Environmental’ was written in response to the 2019 February heatwave possessing fuzz-infused, jangly riffs that meet cautionary lyricism as the track amusingly confronts important issues surrounding climate change and pollution.

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