Vala – It’s Alright When You’re Falling

Manchester indie-pop band VALA release the final instalment of their lockdown 1.0 project, the Swimming Kit EP. ‘It’s Alright When You’re Falling’ is the third track, it’s wavy, swaying guitar strums and lo-fi vocals continue the slick, garage revival sound VALA have been rolling out.

Manchester’s finest lo-fi indie pop band, VALA, release the last part of track of their ‘Swimming Kit EP‘, continuing the tone of the first two releases ‘Do I Talk Too Much’ and the fantastic lead single ‘She’ll Play Heck’, it keeps up the slick, cool, lo-fi garage vibe and takes influence from the massively underrated ‘First Impressions of Earth’. ‘It’s Alright When You’re Falling’ slows down the pace, the strummed, tremolo guitars and slurring distorted vocal are like poetic drunken voicemail you play on repeat to figure out exactly what they mean. The drums kick in that haze clears up a little, the melodic vocals move front and centre, the guitars layer up and Vala play with melody with what’s become a signature style, slick, sliding riffs and a big sing along chorus hook. A heartfelt indie rock ballad and a perfect closer to a well crafted project, or hopefully a live set soon.

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