5 Tracks You Need To Hear This Week (08/03/21)

Here’s this weeks essential listening, featuring five absolute bangers you need to add to you playlists and share around. If you’ve got something you think we need to hear send it over to us, we don’t mind, we love getting new music.

For You The Moon – Talk

The Leeds Pop-rock band featured on our ones to watch list a couple months back and their latest single ‘Talk’ more than affirms their place. A riff heavy track with bittersweet melancholic undertone and beautiful vocals, ‘Talk’ is another big step forward to ‘For You The Moon’ cementing themselves as rising stars.

Mega Happy – Honey Pie

Fun and floaty on the surface but you don’t have to dig too much deeper to find gloomy lyrics with a sharp wit that would prick up Morrissey’s ear. Dream pop vibe and indie rock energy set to perfect riffs and floaty guitars, it’s craft brilliantly you can see the care take as Mega Happy explain; “I wrote Honey Pie quite a while ago and it really contrasted with our other previous music sonically so we really wanted to really push that to an extreme and take advantage of the studio to layer the track and make it as big as possible. We are really proud of it as it still sounds very us but has a lot of different parts that we love”

The A.V. Club – Mistakes

The new single from Warrington band The A.V. Club, is draped in melodic synth tones and cinematic vibes building to that huge chorus hook. ‘Mistakes’ follows the story of a person living with regret over a past relationship, reflecting on their heartache and the resulting emotions of letting someone they loved go for no real reason other than being young and reckless. Melodic, emotional and dreamy, ‘Mistakes’ is a straight up bop.

Taxi With Strangers – Let Loose

Lancashire band Taxi With Strangers new single is an ode to getting back to enjoying our selves and not letting our current situation consume us. Whilst we can’t do what their name suggests anytime soon, this fun, upbeat, diamond in the rough single has the catchiness and high energy to get you at least mentally ready to get back out there when the time comes.

THe LYONZ – Right of Asylum

If you’re looking for the perfect song for afters when we’re all allowed to socialize on 21st June then Canadian based art collective THe LYONZ have got you covered with their new track ‘Right of Asylum’.

This song is extremely chilled and really catchy, it screams Gorillaz which can only be a good thing as I haven’t come across many artists that can combine trap beats with catchy guitar hooks like they do. The song never really arrives but it doesn’t stop you from listening to it all as when the chorus hits your head really gets moving, I can imagine these guys coming across to the UK and having a huge impact with their music.

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